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Marvin The Mindful Marmot Childrens Book


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Sherry-Lynne feels incredibly fortunate to share her love of mindfulness through

Marvin and his mates with children, parents and educators. With her extensive

teaching experience, she creates presentations that are fun, engaging and tailored to

the needs and desires of the group. She inspires awareness, acceptance, compassion

and global activism through her virtual and in person workshops.

Practicing mindfulness together creates a unique bond among the participants. The

shared presence that is cultivated can have a profound impact not only on a child’s

ability to self regulate emotions and concentrate but also on overall mental well-

being. Sherry-Lynne’s presentations and school visits can include the following:

 Virtual and in person class visits or assemblies with book readings

 Q and A

interactive presentations and activities

 Mindfulness presentations and workshops for educators or parents

 Writers workshops

 Outdoor education workshops on “Creating Stewards of the Earth”

 Book store and Yoga Studio visits

Sherry-Lynne is also the founder of “Mindfulme” an organization that teaches

mindfulness skills to children, teenagers and adults. Check out the other in-person

or virtual workshops, presentations and individualized learning opportunities


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