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Our Mission



To teach valuable mindfulness skills to children of all ages while fostering a greater awareness and appreciation for animals at risk.


To create an integrated community of educators, parents and children who are committed to building awareness and global citizenship


We provide enriching resources that culture the essential emotional regulation skills of children through activities at the back of each book and on the website

Endangered Animals

We live in a period of time where our daily actions have an immediate and profound impact on the animals in our environment.  Unfortunately, due to lack of consciousness or care, the list of threatened, endangered and species at risk continues to grow. Awareness is a powerful tool for making responsible decisions to support and not devastate the biodiversity of our planet.  

We would like to share some background on the animals who inspired the characters of the mindful mates series.



The Vancouver Island Marmot is Canada’s most endangered species. It enjoys lounging on rocks with its friends. Marmots lose 1/3 of their body weight during hibernation and emerge from their dens simply starving!

Photo By: J.-Michael-Lockhart-

Black Footed Ferret

The Black Footed Ferret "moves in" to prairie dog dens instead of building their own.


Peary Caribou

The Peary Caribou use their excellent sense of smell to find lichen under the snow. Their favourite food is purple saxifrage which sometimes stains their muzzles purple.


Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle creates the largest nest of all birds in North America.

PWS25-05-1995 - Copy.bmp

Pacific Water Shrew

The Pacific Water Shrew, who is the world’s smallest diving mammal is able to literally “walk across water” due to the special design of its feet and its athletic ability.


The Gray Wolf

The Gray Wolf's sense of smell is 100 times better than humans!


Swift Fox

The Swift Fox was reintroduced to Alberta and Saskatchewan and in 4 years tripled its population.  It is one of the most successful endangered species reintroductions in the world.



The Wolverine is known in folktales for being extremely strong and clever

Photo By: Ray Hennessy | Marvin The Mindful Marmot Childrens Book Mindfulness Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl

The Burrowing Owl contrary to most owls uses its long powerful legs to dig underground during daylight hours.


Blue Racer Snake

The Blue Racer Snake is super speedy and will try to slide away from any loud noises


Rusty Patched Bumble Bee

The Rusty Patched Bumble Bee is one of the most important species on the earth.  Bees help produce one third of all the food we eat.

Warrior 2 Pose.jpg
Reverse Warrior Pose.jpg
Mindful Mates.jpg
Mindful Mates.jpg

foundations we support

The mindful mates series was written with the intention of fostering greater awareness of animals at risk. All of the characters in the books are endangered species.  One dollar from each book sold will be donated to the rehabilitation of these animals.  Proceeds from:

  • Book 1-Marmot Recovery Foundation

  • Book 2-Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy

Thank you for your contribution to these valuable organizations.

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