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What is mindfulness?


Mindfulness training can include:
 Breath awareness
 Mindful movement like yoga
 Sensory activities like mindful eating
 Relaxation exercises
 Loving Kindness Meditations
 Gratitude Work
 Brain Research Investigation
 Extension activities like: Mindful Journaling/Reflective Art/Nature

The Benefits of Mindfulness Training
 Increase in self awareness, self trust and self acceptance
 Decrease in anxiety and stress
 Improvement in concentration and focus
 Development of emotional and physical self regulation skills
 Enhancement in ability to accept change
 Expansion in problem solving strategies
Attunement in communication skills

What are parents and educators saying about mindfulness training?
Often we ask and expect our children, teenagers and students to pay attention and
resolve their inner conflicts independently. However, how much time do we
actually spend teaching these valuable skills and then providing opportunities to
practice and refine them?

Our children are bombarded by stimuli in their environment in form of television,
social media, and video games. It can be very challenging for children:

 Filter and focus
 Find stillness
 Centre themselves

Marvin and his friends teach children valuable strategies for calming the brain and
creating positive neural connections that promote peace, happiness and enriched
learning. Through the activities at the back of each book and on the website,
parents and educators can deepen their own awareness and repertoire of resources
for teaching mindfulness to their children and students.

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