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Through their exciting adventures, Marvin the Mindful marmot and his mates teach valuable lessons in mindfulness that culture the present moment awareness and emotional regulation skills of the reader.

In the second book, “Marvin the Mindful Marmot Comes to His Senses”, Marvin, with the support of his friends, learns to use his five senses to help him slow down and pay greater attention to his external and internal landscape. Like all marmots, Marvin emerges from hibernation with a ferocious appetite. Through the wisdom and experience of his friends he gains the skills required to eat mindfully while being kind to himself in the process.


The mindful mates series was written with the intention of fostering greater awareness of animals at risk. All of the characters in the books are endangered species.  One dollar from each book sold will be donated to the rehabilitation of these animals.  Proceeds from “Marvin the Mindful Marmot Comes to His Senses” go to the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy.


Marvin Comes To His Senses

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