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Sensory Exercise - Marvin's Mindful Smelly Salad

Marvin’s Mindful Smelly Salad Cup

Take a dixie cup and a popsicle stick and go for a walk outside. Use your super

sense of smell and gather a variety of objects to add to your “smell salad cup”.

Be careful and respectful of your environment.

For ex. Pine needles, mint leaves, weed flowers, mud, soil, stones, dead leaves

Add a few drops of water and mix gently with your popsicle stick. Draw the

cup up to your nose and answer the following questions:

1) Which scent is the strongest?

2) What do you notice going on inside your body?

3) Take a huge whiff and point to the part of the body where you can feel it

the most

4) How do these smells make you feel?

5) What pictures pop up in your mind when you smell this?

6) If you were to choose your most favourite scents for a Mindful Smelly Cup

what would they be?


Exercise Created By : Catherine Tansley Illustrations By: Kezzia Crossley

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