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Through their exciting adventures, Marvin the Mindful marmot and his mates teach valuable lessons in mindfulness that culture the present moment awareness and emotional regulation skills of the reader.

Description: In the first book of the series, “Marvin the Mindful Marmot”, Marvin, with the help of his wise Granny Marmot learns to tune into the messages of his body and become more aware of his emotions. Marvin’s friends encourage him to use his breath in creative ways to calm himself.  He also gains an appreciation of that most important question, “What do you notice?”  As a result of these experiences, Marvin begins to wake up to the world around him and to recognize things going on inside of himself. He starts to realize he can develop the skills required to regulate his emotions, to accept both his strengths and his weaknesses, and to like himself for who he is in his entirety.

Donation: The mindful mates series was written with the intention of fostering greater awareness of animals at risk. All of the characters in the books are endangered species. One dollar from each book sold will be donated to the rehabilitation of these animals. Proceeds from this book go to the Marmot Recovery Foundation.


Marvin The Mindful Marmot

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